Sabine Köglberger

acting * dancing * clowning

 training therapy * sports science


Following my heart impulses I want to give my creative thoughts an expressive colorful life. My ideas are fed with passion, versatile talent and full commitment. I nurse them, pay them the attention needed and then – through my artistic projects – I send them out into the world.


I’m convinced that a main health improvement and well-being may only be achieved through connecting different components. Vitality and an openness for creative exchanges from heart to heart may create a space for building the main blocks of life. This is what the „Körperspieltheater“ is meant to be. In this special form of theatre the body and emotions are talking. Different artistic elements (dancing, clowning, physcial theatre) are connected to something extraordinary, something new.


In addition to my own projects, I am as well a member of the „theater tabor“ – theatre for children and adults – where I act in children plays on stage.

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wholeheartedly –

jumping into warm fire,

energetic magic inflamed,

diving into colourful energies.

In a loving exchange and togetherness

with the inspiration in continous communication,

in unconditional trust to her and her environment.

Getting involved as a whole and falling in love with the creativity,

walking, experiencing and enjoying the artistic process with her.

Through all raging storms through crossing the emotional minefield.

In each phase of the creative work living, feeling, perceiving,

surfing on the waves of emotions and letting yourself be.

The soul talks without mask in the freedom of the heart

as the purest expression of authenticity –

there the magic lies hidden.

Where the heart dances

is the biggest strength.

Go there

and live

in love.

 („ways of heart“, S. Köglberger, 08/18)