"festival of dreams"

A vision.


The „Festival of dreams“ is an idea that was born within me – a dream of life – which I would love to realize in the near future. It’s my vision to bring artists and performers of different fields together in the frame of a festival to spread out creative energy and magic – through the language of the heart.


A festival which consists out of a colorful mix of visitors of all ages and of the most essential values in life. Together we will dive into the moment so that the creative energy of being will flow. It is the joy of playing and the connection of the hearts that makes this festival special. On one of the evenings all artists and performers might unite in one big performance:  music, dancing, clowning and all other arts are welcomed to perform.


„The Festival of dreams“ is supposed to be a benefit performance for children who suffer from a serious disease. I want to point out how important the existence of institutions as the “Kumplgut” in Wels (Upper Austria) or the “Villa Pardoes” in the Netherlands are. There families with sick children are welcomed to spend their holidays for free and to take a special timeout from their daily lives. I wish that these institutions will get more support and would like to develop new ideas to found and build up other institutions of this kind.


If you want to join me or take part, please let me know!!!!